Tiger Lilies Flowers

There is no shortage of types of lilies: they’re found around the world in almost every habitable continent, they are mostly resilient to bad weather and they can in some cases adapt to either acidic or alkaline soil. Found in varying shades of pink, white, red, blue, orange and yellow, lilies are a diverse addition to any floral arrangement or garden. Tiger lilies in particular are a gorgeous sunset of oranges and reds that are dotted and striped, much like a tiger. Varieties of Tiger lilies can be found from across North America to all the way over in China, Japan and northern Asia.

Tiger Lilies Flowers

East or West, Which is Best?

Depending on your preferences and the colors present in your garden, you may want to opt for either the American or the Asian variety of Tiger lilies. Light colored and heavily spotted are the Asian lilies comparatively to the American species, with few exceptions. If you want a deep, red Tiger lily, the Liliumphiladelphicum is particularly breath-taking. Though endangered in some States, the area that the plant is named after, Philadelphia, still has plenty of these amazing lilies around and sells them as well. Perhaps the most common Chinese Tiger lily is the LiliumHenryi. This lily grows up to six feet tall and has long lasting flowers. Depending on the qualities that you prefer, choose an appropriate species for your area and your floral color scheme.

Tiger Lily Varieties

Tiger lilies are generally broken down into groups by color because their demographics are not indicative of specific characteristics. While there are some similarities between all American or all Asian lily varieties, their spotting, colors, bloom and lifespans are all respective to the species moreso than the geographical origin of the plant. Liliumbulbiferumis commonly known as the Orange or Fire lily, though it is also referred to as a Tiger lily. This variety hails from Europe. There are also the Liliumsuperbum which is commonly known as the Turk’s cap lilly, the Liliummichiganense known as the Michigan lily and the Liliumcolumbianum known as the Columbia lily.

What Does Giving/ Receiving Tiger Lilies Symbolize?

According to the ancient language of flowers in Japan known as the “Hanakotoba”, if orange lilies are given as a gift it represents revenge or hatred. There are other views on the meaning behind Tiger lilies; some state that they represent ferocity and strength, just like the tiger itself. Of course, the meaning behind giving or getting flowers can be whatever you choose it to be – don’t get too caught up in what others have to say about the act of getting or giving flowers, enjoy doing it yourself and explain your sentiment. Many ladies and gentlemen simply prefer the look of Tiger lilies versus other flowers. You know your partner best: use your knowledge and keen sense of judgment to tell if they’d be receptive to this breed of lily considering all aspects of what it will, should and could mean.