Asiatic Lilies Flowers

Among species of lilies, the Asiatic lily, aka, Liliceaelillium comes in a wide variety of colors and hybrids. They are a hardy group of species that do well across most of the United States andthey’re widely appreciated for their beauty. Colors range between white, orange, yellow, red, pink and blue, (though some argue that blue lilies aren’ttechnically lilies). Asiatic lily flowers bloom upfacing though there are a few species that will bud outwardly facing. These lilies quickly multiply and will generally be three to five inches large as bulbs. Specifically among lilies, the Asiatic variety tend not to have a strong fragrance. On warm, windless days, however, a subtle smell can be detected from Asiatic lilies.

Asiatic Lilies Flowers

Growing Asiatic Lilies

Among the kinds of lilies available in the States, Asiatic lilies are among the easiest to grow because of their tough nature and their adaptability between acidic to alkaline soil types. To begin your Asiatic lily garden, plant your bulbs soon after you get them in spring or fall. In storage, lily bulbs can dry out quickly so don’t hold on to them for long unless you’ve got a plan to freeze them for over six weeks. Ideally, just plan ahead for the shipping time and receive your bulbs during the season you’ll be planting them. Plant bulbs in moist soil but be sure that the soil is not saturated or super-saturated. That will be a quick end for your lily garden! Plant the bulbs twelve inches in the soil. Use organic mulch to maintain a cool temperature for your flowers such as wood chips. Once the plants have flowered, clip and trim them when the petals begin wilting but refrain from taking too much off of the stem: a third of the plant mass is the most recommended to crop without damaging the plant’s longevity.

Varieties of Asiatic Lilies

Asiatic lilies hail from Asia and come in a variety of original and hybrid species of assorted color and shape. While most of the varieties of Asiatic lilies are deciduous there are two species in particular, (Liliumcandidum and LiliumCatesbaei) that will hold their leaves all throughout their dormant phase. A species that features beautiful orange leaves is the Liliumdistichum whereas if you’re looking for a lighter color in yellow, Liliumhansonii comes through with a spotted yellow petal arrangement. For deep burgundy, consider the Liliummartagon and for a brighter red opt for the Liliummaritimum.

Finding Inexpensive Asiatic Lily Bulbs

To find the most reasonably priced lily bulbs, try searching online first before running to the florist. More often than not, you’ll be able to find merchants that offer exactly the species you’re looking for; searching based on criteria like bloom, and color will be easy given search functions on many florists’ webpages. Consider that you’ll have shipping costs when buying online but factor that against the amount of gas it takes to get the florist and you’ll see why ordering online is cheaper!