Pictures of Lilies Flowers

Lilies have become popular flowers all over the world. There are so many different types of lilies that the total number of species rises up to around one-hundred ten These beautiful flowers have been sources of admiration for quite some time now; there are many professional photographers that make albums of the different types of lilies and who feature them in their wedding and funeral event photos. You can find white, red, orange, blue, yellow and purple lilies.That’s without counting the different shades and tones that fall under each color, too. If you want a floral album, lilies are definitely the best flowers for your project.

Pictures of Lilies Flowers

What Do Lilies Look Like?

Lilies are usually tall and most of them smell wonderful. They have six petals that overlay each other at the base of the flower.This makes it look like theflower is in the shape of an arrow.The stamens are usually either yellow or orange.Since there are so many different types of lilies, their appearance can vary from one species to another. For example, the martagon division includes lilies that have petals whichtwist back from the center of the flower making them take the shape of a turban (which is why they’re commonly known as Turk cap lilies). They come in colors that include purple, pink, dark red, white and peach. Some oriental lilies come from Japan including the Japanese lily, which is rich-scented and has dark green leaves.

Lilies in Their Natural Habitats

Lilies are verdant-branchedherbs that start as flaky bulbs that aren’t covered with tunics, (a papery exterior skin similar to the outermost layers found on onions. Since there are so many species, some have grown accustomed to foreign regions thatthey’ve been introduced. For example, lilies that grow in North America usually have bases that develop into rhizomes, (horizontal stems or branches of a plant). The species that have grown accustomed to cool weatherstay inactive during the wintertime though there are other species that remain inactive during the summer but blossom after the first rains of fall. Most lilies tend to wilt during season changes; there are a few that develop leaves that cover them during periodsof inactivity.

Phenomenal Photographs of Lilies Online

No matter what speciesthey are, lilies are beautiful and widely desired decorative plants. There are so many colors involved that you can produce phenomenally innovative artwork through photography of these diverse plants. If you enjoy natural scenes and still-lives as wallpapers for your computer desktop, you can find or create wallpapers featuring lilies. Professional photographers use lilies to expand their portfolios because their colors are astonishingly bright and feature intricate details from stem to stamen. Playing with backgrounds of contrasting colors, photographers feature the flowersin ways that make their natural colors “pop” within the image.Also, close up photos make use of lensesthat are macro-enhanced allowing viewers to notice and appreciate the most minute detailof the beautiful shapesand colors of lilies.