Different Types of Lilies

You would be surprised to learn how many different types of lilies there are out there. The genus is calledlilium and there are 110 different species within the family. These species are all distributedbetween“sections”. These sections include Martagon, Pseudolirium, Liriotypus, Daurolirion, Archelirion, Leucolirion, Sinomartagon, and Others Not Specified. Some of the most famous lilies are in the Pseudolirium section, which includes Bolander’s lily, the Tiger lily and the Leopard lily. When it comes to gardening andbotanical purposes, lilies are classified in different divisions that includeall types of hybrids.

Different Types of Lilies

Lilies From Asia

The first division of the lilies’ classification is called Asiatic Hybrids. They are derived from the species that grow in East and Central Asia. Some of these species are the Golden Rayed lily of Japan and the Japanese lily. There are five more species in this division that aren’t as popular such as the Lilium japonicum and the Lilium rubellum. The Golden Rayed lily is usually white and has some spots that are commonly orange. They have a very strong scent and are one of the largest lily plants. The Japanese lily are usually either pink or white and also features a very aroma; there are many people that choose the Japanese lily for breeding purposes in order to cultivate them in gardens. Both lilies are well known in the botanical word and used to create Asiatic hybrids.

Lilies From North America

Given that many years ago lilies were taken to different parts of the world, North America caught a few exotic lilies early on. People who enjoyed gardening started cultivatingand breeding different kinds of lilies:that’s how some varieties of lilies that live in North America got here. One such import is the Tiger Lily (also known as Columbia lily). Native US lilies include the Wood lily and the Michigan lily.Perhaps the most popular lily is the Tiger Lily, native to the western region of North America.Starting in British Columbia, this plant is spread all over the States of Idaho and Nevada. The Philadelphia Lily can be found in Philadelphia as the name suggests but can also be found across the United States and Canada. The Michigan lily can be found in the eastern region of the United States and Canada.

Any Lilies You Need Available Online

Thanks to today’s technology, it is possible to find almost any plant or flower online. Lilies are beautiful flowers that are popular:there are so many different species of lilies that sellers often sell them individually or in small sets. Companies offer a variety of shipping options whenever they send you your flowers. Purchasing your favorite lilies online is practical because there are parts in the world that you won’t find lilies you’re looking for in your local flower shop. You may also find wholesale prices when you search through online store inventories. It doesn’t matter where you live, the chances are that you will be able to order your preferred lilies online!