Lilies Flowers

Gardening is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed throughout the year and the exercise and nature-attunement associated with it is rejuvenating for many. If floral gardens are being considered, a widely popular flower is the lily because of its fragrance and beauty. Lilies vary from being extremely resilient to rather picky concerning their care when growing up – most varieties though will be planted in the fall so that they bloom on time in summer. Lilies come in a variety of colors and bloom as early as July; if you’re looking for a unique perennial addition to your garden, lilies are the ticket!

Lilies Flowers

Different Kinds of Lilies

Lilies come in a vast assortment of species. Literally, thousands exist across the planet and they each have unique characteristics that define them from one another. Some are native to North America whereas others to Asia. Some have won people’s hearts over so thoroughly because of their aroma that they’re exclusively associated with purity and Easter whereas others have a putrid smell that has been likened to that of a decaying carcass. Easter lilies are the commonly known trumpet shaped lilies associated with purity, and obviously Easter. Dragon lilies are those with the heinous smell, (though they are not technically in the genus Lilium as “true” lilies are). Asiatic lilies are known as the easiest lilies to grow because they do well in both alkaline and acidic soils. Oriental lilies prefer acidic soils as a general rule, though the very common “Chinese lily” can be planted in alkaline soil and is commonly referred to as “indestructible” when compared to other lilies.

How Lilies Can Brighten a Floral Arrangement

Lilies of ancient descent feature all of the gorgeous colors ranging between reds, oranges, pinks, blues and whites though recent developments in hybrid strains have only exacerbated the beauty of these plants. Recent additions to the lily family known as Stargazers are known for their near-neon colors of bright pink spotted and striped with dark markings across their petals. Blue lilies are rare but can accentuate a garden for a few weeks during their late bloom. Red lilies are actually endangered in some States and are preserved in Saskatchewan, Canada as they are the Province’s official flower. By considering the typical meanings of lilies, (white = purity, pink = prosperity and orange = deceit) as well as how the colors compliment other flowers present in your garden, you’ll be able to effectively plan a two to three week span where the colors of the lilies in your garden bring out the best of your other plants during the summer.

Why Lilies Are Appreciated Worldwide

Lilies are gorgeous, pure and simple. From Easter lilies with sweet fragrances and bright white coloration to exotic Tiger lilies with spots and stripes against orange petals, these flowers brighten up gardens during their late summer bloom cycle. They’ve been kept as decorative plants in almost every populated continent and their variety in shape and size can be appreciated by all.